Murky clarity

Al Diablito
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 11:50:48 -0500

Here's some multiple choice options they have for tomorrow's anti-war 

Posted by a General Ripper:

"Only 4 more days to the next "weapon of mass distraction"...

Wonder what could happen to derail the protest from the media -- any votes? 
Any other suggestions?

a) more anthrax (unlikely - already done for Congressional votes, save for 
'04 election cycle)

b) "me-too" sniper (unlikely - reserved for public election cycles, save for 

c) another bogus dirty-bomber-type announcement (likely, used to block June 
10th "UnAnswered Questions.ORG" news conference)

d) another dead politician (unlikely - reserved for public election cycles)

e) another exploding nightclub (possible - an all-purpose event to increase 
fear and distract media)

f) "racin" or bioterror "discovery" (possible - all-purpose, used to control 
doubters in the UK)

g) medium-size Iraqi skirmish, complete w. live video of exploding Iraqis 
(likely - the oil war needs to ratchet up anyway)

h) Paki / India saber-rattle, nuke-threats (possible)

i) N.Korea saber-rattle, nuke-threats (likely - to derail talks, which are 
starting to go too well)

j) real dirty-bomber, rural area (unlikely - reserve for Vietnam-size 
protests, or '04 election)

k) public suicide on noon news (hasn't been done yet, and is sick and 
shocking enough to be used)

l) attempted assassination of a politician (tried and true)

Gosh ... With a Bush in the White House, you just never know what's going to 
pop up ! Stay tuned, boys and girls ! "

General Ripper

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