Re[2]: No War in Irak!
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 13:39:10 -0500

FB> What I don't understand is how there can already be a history
FB> of 428 (well, including these senior contributors #29 and #34).
FB> Assuming an average branch factor of 2, the mail should already
FB> have reached most of the molecules in the universe. Impressive...

FB> I assume these guys at get a major bandwidth
FB> issue, but I hope some media guy will write about the largest
FB> meme-type phenomena observed thus far...

Oh honestly, I think the 'Save the baby whale named Timmy who was
born without either arms or legs or eyes, who manages to live off the
good grace of God and your Spamming contributing a nickel to his cause
for each email, and Coca-Cola donating shoes for each 500 emails
collected" meme is FAR more superior to this tripe.  And at least
that shit is funny.

 FB> And no, I don't think the brain-washed American general public
FB> will take any notice, but it still feels good not to be the
FB> only one desesperated.

It still feels good to be a spam-spreading hype-boy?


I'll go back to being a brain-washed American, sans the spam.  Thanks.