Call for Info

Fri, 17 Jan 2003 13:57:07 -0500 (EST)

I got a tickle in my brain recently from my good friend tervor concerning
the use of public domain works to lower the textbook costs of schools.

Textbooks and thier distribution have become a poltical and costly burden
on the school system over the decades. The question is , given the body of
PD, CCL and GNU works coupled with low cost DIY on demand printing....why
not utulize these items to make schools more effcient.

Yes I am searching the web for the info, but given the scope and depth of
the fork crowd I would be remiss not to tap the mic and ask the

1)Has anyone dealt with or heard of examples of this being done?

2)What works out there in the PD,CCL, GNU would be able to be made DIY
print ready for schools to use.

3)What works in the above group are in the raw, need some editing, etc but
that could be used.

4)How would you go about getting this stuff in active use in your
eeducaton system (public school, private school, institues of higher
education, home schooling, etc)

The more info the better. All help and comment greatly needed and
thankfully taken.

I smell a big old project comming out of this:)-