Pro Action Re[2]: No War in Irak!

Fri, 17 Jan 2003 14:16:44 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 17 Jan 2003 wrote:
--]It still feels good to be a spam-spreading hype-boy?

Everyone needs to feel that they are doing SOMETHING, but in many cases
that something could well be counterproductive to what your goal is.

If you want peace, forget about email protests, they are a historic and
proven hole. You are not doing ANYTHING other than pissing off others and
showing that your commitment level is superficial at worst and niavely
guided at best.

Folks here are trying to educate you to this fact, listen.

Take your need to act and do some of these things instead

1) Write a snail mail letter to your elected officals, all of them, and
spell out what you are feeling, why you wont vote for them again if they
support these acts OR dont use the power you gave them to stop it.

2)VOTE with the historic actions of the offical in question in mind.
Forget Party, forget charisma..if they are an encumbant or had office
before vote on thier PROVEN RECORD OF ACTION.

3)Talk about it to people, face to face, in crowds, to the media.

4)Write a zine/pamphlete/book, CCL/GFDL/PD it, print off a slew of copies
and self distribute it.

None of these action will change the world, make pecae spring up over
night, fix your car, or cure that scratchy patch of skin on your elbow.

They WILL make more of an impact, on you at the least and on other at the
best, than an email with 500 unvalidateable names attached to a form letter.