Internet Bookmobile Re: Call for Info

Gordon Mohr
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 11:24:39 -0800

There is the Internet Archive's "Internet Bookmobile":

I think the book printing and binding equipment therein costs just 
a few thousand dollars, and they've been assembling a database of 
print-ready scans of public domain books. 

See also the discussion board for info about the specific 
hardware being used, ways to find out if a physical book
in is the public domain, plans for Internet Bookmobile-like
setups elsewhere, etc.

- Gordon

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From: "Tom" <>
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Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003 10:57 AM
Subject: Call for Info

> I got a tickle in my brain recently from my good friend tervor concerning
> the use of public domain works to lower the textbook costs of schools.
> Textbooks and thier distribution have become a poltical and costly burden
> on the school system over the decades. The question is , given the body of
> PD, CCL and GNU works coupled with low cost DIY on demand printing....why
> not utulize these items to make schools more effcient.
> Yes I am searching the web for the info, but given the scope and depth of
> the fork crowd I would be remiss not to tap the mic and ask the
> follwoing..
> 1)Has anyone dealt with or heard of examples of this being done?
> 2)What works out there in the PD,CCL, GNU would be able to be made DIY
> print ready for schools to use.
> 3)What works in the above group are in the raw, need some editing, etc but
> that could be used.
> 4)How would you go about getting this stuff in active use in your
> eeducaton system (public school, private school, institues of higher
> education, home schooling, etc)
> The more info the better. All help and comment greatly needed and
> thankfully taken.
> I smell a big old project comming out of this:)-
> -tomwsmf