Free Koowait!

Max Dunn
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 22:30:46 -0800

I think I'll spend all the millions I'm getting from Sani Abacha's
relatives to free Koowait and stop the war in Irak... Don't worry, I
couldn't find either on a map even were they spelled right, but those
e-mails are so convincing. Especially the chain letter ones.

The military sounds just like health insurance in terms of their
love/hate relationship with IT professionals. IT can make or break
health insurance, case in point Lifeguard, may it rest in peace. But:

* Like Rodney Dangerfield, IT scientists don't get no respect. This
seems to be their chief complaint when asked why they leave health
insurance after a single hitch.

* The current well-entrenched road to advancement in health insurance
usually requires 60 hours+ a week of petty corporate infighting, a
prospect highly unlikely for IT scientists. 

* Money. It's that simple. At the height of the dot com boom, IT
salaries in health insurance were 30% of average in some regions, 50% in
most. Now with the post-9/11 depression it's up to 40 and 60,

I think the military, unlike health insurance, may be doing better
recently at addressing their past failures. They have, for example, a
CIA venture capital firm (,1367,39468,00.html ) that doesn't
hide the fact that it's CIA sponsored. 

At least some branches realize that there are some dimensions of the
evolution of technology that just can't progress within a rigid,
hierarchical, or even militaristic, framework, especially without any
respect, status, or cash. So they suckle up to technology developed in
non-military environments like a weasel sucks eggs. Not quite ideal in
terms of in-house capability, but may be good enough as long as they're
taking on Irak or Koowait.