This Hax0r's 4rmy (Was: Free Koowait!)

Bill Humphries
Sat, 18 Jan 2003 13:22:17 -0800

On Friday, January 17, 2003, at 09:53 PM, Tom Sweetnam wrote:

> The military standard "yes sir" and "no sir" of today will become 
> anachronisms of course, supplanted by a more venerable display of 
> respect. This orchestration will likely consist of thrusting forward 
> one's right arm while smartly clicking together one's boot heels while 
> barking out in resounding hall-ringing robust echoed mantra, "Heil 
> Geek! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Heil Geek! Heil Geek! Heil Geek!"

A niece is married to a captain with a MD who pulls down a nice salary, 
he'll probably do his 20 and get his pension. A nephew, who worked on 
the White House comms staff, and wrote code for Gulf War 2*, never got 
a commission, but now pulls down the tall dollars at one of the major 
consulting firms.

The rank will be "BOfH", of course.

And I thought that exchange would be:

"Microsoft does what, you maggots!"
"Microsoft sux, sir!"
"Sir? The Army doesn't pay BOfHs enough for you pansies to call me sir. 
Microsoft does what?"
"Microsoft sux!"
"That's better. Now go and build a recon bot on top of the embedded OS 
in these cheap toys from WallMartMacysCostco."

and the cadence goes:

"I don't know
but I've been told
embedded RISC really blows
Sound off!
01, 10,
Sound off!
11, 100
Sound off!
01, 10, 11, 100 -- 11, 100!

*Gulf War 1 being that protracted slogging between Iran and Iraq that 
our leadership hoped would finish both parties.

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