Plucker Email Reflector (fwd)

Sat, 18 Jan 2003 20:25:06 -0500 (EST)

(plucker has been one of those programs whose growth is an amazing
afirmation of all that is good with the net. Simple, accessable and
USEABLE.   deal)

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 - plucker without plucker!  Send e-mail to with subject
line of 'help' and be amazed one more time agani.

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From: Plucker Email Reflector <>
Subject: Plucker Email Reflector help request

~ What is this 'pler' thing?
   Plucker Email Reflector is a tool that allows you to use Plucker through
   standard email, without installing any Plucker components on your machine
   at all.

 ~ Why would you want to do this?
   Many people don't have access to the web from their desktop machine, or
   the web access they DO have access to is restricted for various reasons,
   such as by firewalls or prohibitive work environments. Using Plucker Email
   Reflector (pler), you can take full advantage of the power of Plucker,
   without ever having to install any Plucker components on your computer at
   all. Everything works through email!

   This tool is also useful if you are running on a platform that does not
   support the tools Plucker requires, such as Python, Perl, shell tools, and
   the various image conversion tools. Amiga, OS/2 and Macintosh are three
   platforms that currently do not have 100% full support for Plucker. This
   may change in the near future as Plucker grows in popularity.

 ~ Sounds great, how do I get started?
   All you need is a working email address, and if you received this message
   you're reading through email, you're already half-way there!

   The next step is to fill out a small template that includes your
   customized Plucker parameters, such as URL, maximum depth, bits-per-pixel
   (bpp), and so on.  Don't worry if these things confuse you, the three
   templates attached to this message is very well commented. Feel free to
   use it as a guide.

 ~ Ok, let's see the template already!
   The template MUST be sent in the exact format shown in the attached zip
   file, which must be sent to the 'pler' server.  Comments beginning with
   the '#' sign in the template are ignored.

   If you wish to use this tool, open the attachment and put it in the BODY
   of a NEW message (attached templates or replies are not valid), and send
   it to:

 		"Plucker Email Reflector" <>

 	The template must begin with <template> delimiter, and end with
 	</template>. If either of those two delimiters are missing, the
 	system will reject the template as incomplete and you will not
 	receive the data you expect.

 	If you wish to keep the template small, use the second attachment,
 	(small_template.pler) which is identical to the larger template, but
 	does not contain comments.

 	There is also an example template (example_template.pler) inside the
 	zipfile as well. Feel free to use this as a model for your future

 ~ It didn't work, where do I report problems?
   A bug? You jest! Seriously though, if you think you've found a bug in
   pler, you can report it in the online bugtracker used for reporting all
   bugs related to Plucker. You can find the bugtracker online at

   Simply log in, select Plucker as your project from the menu in the upper
   right corner, and report the bug. Try to be as detailed as possible, and
   remember to classify that it belongs to the pler project.

 ~ Well, it looks great, but what doesn't it do?
   It doesn't pluck me a warm cup of tea to go with the morning news I've
   just plucked, but that might be in a future release. In reality, there are
   a few things it may not do right now, but it will only improve in the

   Here's a short list of the features not currently supported in pler, but
   targeted for a future release (many are implemented, just not enabled):

   - Exclusion lists, either attached or declared within the template body
   - Support for attached plucker.ini files as input, instead of putting the
     template in the message body itself.
   - Anchor color support for full RGB and RRGGBB as well as string colors
   - Linting of illegal filename characters on the various platforms
   - Translations of the email and content into the language of the sender
   - Stripping of reply-string characters to allow replies to templates
   - Direct conversion of Microsoft Word and PDF documents
   - Converting attached Microsoft and PDF documents

 ~ I'm still confused, where can I get some help with this?
   You can get help with this tool through the use of the Plucker mailing
   lists or our irc channel. You can find our mailing lists by following the
   "Mailing List" link on the project homepage, or use the IRC facilities by
   pointing your irc client to, and joining the #plucker

   Good luck, and keep on Plucking!


More information can be found at the Plucker homepage: