Free Koowait!

Gregory Alan Bolcer
Sun, 19 Jan 2003 08:42:14 -0800

Owen Byrne wrote:

> Lets see - Gulf War 1 killed possibly as few as1500 Iraqi soldiers, and
> the sanctions killed 227,000 children from malnutrition.
>  Thats the picture of modern warfare.
> Owen

You might want to use the same filters for
child mortality as you do for combat fatalities. 
You keep adding them up like that you're going
to run out of numbers.   As for the child mortality,
doesn't the blame lie squarely on the Iraqi
leadership spending money on chemical weapons
which they use on their own citizens rather
than proper water and sanitation plants?   I wonder
how many northern kurd children who's water sources
were chemically poisoned were included in those