FoRK digest, Vol 1 #1585 - 10 msgs

Bill Kearney Bill Kearney" <
Sun, 19 Jan 2003 15:12:28 -0500

It seems Owen's got his "let's all hate America" hat on again.  It seems to be
cinched a bit too tight for rational thinking however.

Do the deaths of children in Iraq (numbers of which are extremely debatable)
fall to blame on their dictatorship government?  Or that just too rational a way
to look at it?  After all, when seeing their population dying what good is a
government doing by prolonging their suffering?  Soverign pride?  Tough to feel
proud from the grave. Yeah, shut up and let your children die while your
soveriegn builds new palaces.  Don't they have cake?

And of course!  The cuban crisis was the US's fault!  The Soviet efforts to
install nuclear missiles in Cuba had nothing to do with escalating the risks of
anihillation, of course.  The US presense, invited, in Europe contrasts quite
unevenly with the Soviet use of an island in the Caribbean.  But hey, why mix
facts with rhetoric?

The Irish resistance to British colonialism is quite a bit different than most
conflicts of today.  Drawing parallels is weak at best.

But you go Owen, all that hatred of the US must be the only thing that keeps you

-Bill Kearney