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> From: James Rogers <>

> ...  That said, tanks are largely
> obsolete.  The US has extended the viable combat life quite a bit through
> the US of very advanced technology (as usual), but older and less
> sophisticated systems are pretty defenseless as such things go.  The Abrams
> is probably the last Main Battle Tank the US will ever deploy.
> Artillery is obsolete, which is among the primary reasons the US has
> decided not to upgrade their systems while phasing the old ones out.
> Classic artillery is premised on the idea of lines of battle, which as I
> mentioned in a previous post, is an obsolete concept in US military
> doctrine.

Wow.  James has been spot on on every thing else he's said,
so I'm a believer.  But these are new to me.  I think I can declare
my military knowledge to likewise be officially obsolete.  I've been
blindsided by these observations!


PS:  which leaves me wondering what has been happening in
the last 12 years since I was "involved" to so change things :-)

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