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Tom Sweetnam savamutt@hotmail.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 22:58:09 +0000

johnhall wrote:

"The F-14 is a fantastic success story.  The only reason US carrier
groups could have survived in a WWIII scenario with the USSR was the
F-14.  The Navy will fight to keep those planes flying as long as
possible.  No other plane in the world can do what they do."

I've been an amateur astronomer most of my life. About six years ago I read 
a small piece in Sky & Telescope magazine which explained to the astronomy 
community the actual fate of a satellite that'd gone AWOL.

It'd been a military satellite originally, which having completed its 
mission, was turned over to the astronomy community so they could use it for 
the study of solar flares. It was a nice gestre on the part of the mlitary, 
but they did so with the caveat that the satellite was still the Pentagon's 
property and it might be prone to disapear from the pike at any given 
moment. It stayed online for two years though, until it finally blipped out 
one night.

It was awhile before we finally found out via Sky& Telescope magazine what 
had happened to it. The Departmet of the Navy informed the magazine that the 
satellite had been destroyed by an F-14 Tomcat carrying a special Phoenix 
missile. Hugging the upper atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean, an F-14 had 
fired the missile into space where it travelled more than 100 miles before 
hitting the satellite. A carrier-based fighter/bomber that can shoot down 
satellites! You're right John, the Tomcat is a fantastic success story.

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