Re[2]: Fwd: FC: Confirmed: Google reveals Bush's faux astroturf campaign
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 22:38:15 -0500

First off, 'whitey_is_the_devil?' :).  HEe.

Not saying its new, so you're not objecting.  IT is however, a stupid
idea, even when it was first encorporated way-back-whenever.   I
didn't say that it wasn't encorporated by both parties -- I think I
remember this being a Clinton-thing too.   IT still doesn't negate
the fact that a) he thinks we're morons, google or not and b) Its a
stupid tactic that is going to backfire, especially with google being
prevalent.  The fact that this was posted in as many papers as it was,
AND that it was utterly identical means that _someone_ would have
picked up on it.

UR> I'll have to object on this one -- the tactic of
UR> flooding newspapers with similar if not identical
UR> letters to the editor is nothing new, and is employed
UR> by people on both sides of the political equation. 
UR> It's just a little easier to catch now that we can do
UR> a quick online search and come up with every
UR> publication that matches.

UR> The disturbing thing about this one in particular is
UR> that these letters essentially say nothing and yet
UR> were published in SO many newspapers.  The thirst for
UR> tripe like this is appalling.

UR> --- wrote:
>> Its always amusing when politicians (or their
>> staffs) get stupid ideas
>> and then manage to run with them, without even
>> _trying_ to CYA.   I
>> mean, this isn't illegal, but it sure does make the
>> Bush
>> Administration look like a bunch of fucking morons. 
>> Either that, or
>> he thinks we're a bunch of morons.
>> Either way, yet another reason not to vote for the
>> man.  Not that I
>> really need one these days.
>> -C

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