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Aidan Kehoe Aidan Kehoe <kehoea@parhasard.net>
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 07:59:51 +0000

 Ar an 20ú lá de mí 1, scríobh Ian Andrew Bell :

 > Why does anyone who criticizes America automatically get labeled as 
 > Anti-American?  

For the same reason anyone that criticizes Israel gets labelled an
anti-semite, or gets accused of self-hatred; because to consider
seriously the criticism risks tarnishing your very high opinion of

 > The US had Medium Range missiles in Europe

They were in Turkey, too, weren't they? No buffer zone there ...

"I have heard the swelling cry of the English speaking peoples of the
world, and it tells me their cause is served best by flaming the few
complacent asses on usenet." -- T. Samant, 29 June 1997