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> Because the right has a natural tendency to witchhunts.  To be a
> is to be a redbaiter.

Given the show trials common to communist governments, and the
viciousness that the left attacks deviation from the common line, you
can hardly say that the right has a tendency that the left does not
share.  You can find Republicans who are pro-Abortion or pro-Affirmative
Action.  They are't forbidden to speak like pro-Life Democrats or forced
to recant (like Lieberman).

It is the left that is far more famous to schisms over theology.

Finally, "To be a rightist is to be a redbaiter." Skips over the fact
that the 'right' had very good reason to fear the reds.

A good book to read on the subject is "Not without Honor".  The author
starts by saying he assumed the history of American Communism was the
history of Eugene McCarthy.  He ends with saying Reagan should have been

But in the middle he tells a rich story of courageous resistance to the
evil of communism.  Those who struggled for freedom in the East remember
these 'redbaiters' as their saviors.  It is only in their own country
where the establishment despised them for being correct that they are
denied the honor they are due.

Hence the title.  "Not Without Honor".