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>  Ar an 20=FA l=E1 de m=ED 1, scr=EDobh Ian Andrew Bell :
>  > Why does anyone who criticizes America automatically get labeled as
>  > Anti-American?
> For the same reason anyone that criticizes Israel gets labelled an
> anti-semite, or gets accused of self-hatred; because to consider
> seriously the criticism risks tarnishing your very high opinion of
> yourself.

That depends upon the nature of the criticism.

Dershowitz, not normally my favorite person, said that anti-semitism can
be defined operationally as taking something everyone is guilty of and
only critiquing the Jews for it.

Another cut of the apple is to compare "anti-Zionist" complaints of
today with the classic anti-semitic complaints from 150+ years ago.  You
quickly find that they are essentially identical.

Yes, it is possible to criticize Israel without being anti-Semitic.  Few
people manage.

Part of that is that the habits of being anti-semitic due to deicidal
and supersessionist beliefs on one side nicely dovetail with perceived
national interests.  Those habits tend to outlast the original reasons
for them.

On the other side of the cultural divide, anti-semitism not only
dovetails with the theory of jihad and the imperatives of the sharia it
is a _wonderful_ scapegoat for failure.

Toss in moral relativism and the belief that in a war those with tanks
_must be_ morally inferior to those without them and the cycle is pretty
much complete.


The United States would not suffer what Israel has put up with.  Nor
would we ever restrict our response the way Israel has.

If the only peace Islam will allow us is a Tacitusian one, then on their
heads be it.