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Daniel Grisinger daniel@netgods.net
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 10:37:25 -0700

Aidan Kehoe wrote:
>  Ar an 20ú lá de mí 1, scríobh Ian Andrew Bell :
>  > Why does anyone who criticizes America automatically get labeled as 
>  > Anti-American?  
> For the same reason anyone that criticizes Israel gets labelled an
> anti-semite, or gets accused of self-hatred; because to consider
> seriously the criticism risks tarnishing your very high opinion of
> yourself. 

What utter nonsense this is.  America, more than any other nation
that has ever existed, welcomes criticism of itself.  We are almost
pathologically worried about what others think of us and are willing
to examine any criticism to see if it has merit.  If it does, we
change.  To suggest that America is uncomfortable with criticism,
when we are our own harshest critics, is to display the same sort
of reflexive anti-Americanism, untarnished by the blemish of truth,
the spews so noxiously out of most people on the left.

Just as an example, what do you think would have happened if
a couple of hundred thousand people had shown up Saturday in
Iraq to protest their government's refusal to follow international
rules as set forth by the UN over the past decade?  I bet they'd
have been gassed, shot, arrested, and a large number would have
been disappeared into Saddam's torture pits.

In the US, when a couple hundred thousand people get together
to criticize the government the Secretary of State goes on
CNN and talks about how the protest strengthens our democracy,
about how the protesters have an absolute right to their voices
and their opinions no matter whether those opinions match the
thoughts of the government.  You'll notice the decided lack of
gassing, shooting, detentions without charges, and torture of
protesters.  (And these particular protesters were demonstrating
in favor of such things.  These protesters were marching to protect
the right of an evil tyrant to murder people, and then they (the
protesters) wonder why decent people don't want anything to do
with them.)

Criticizing Americans is not only ok, but is positively encouraged.
To suggest otherwise is to display the typical lack of honesty
that so characterizes "thought" on the left today.