Right, left, right, left, right, left... give it up already.

Mike Masnick mike@techdirt.com
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 10:13:26 -0800

Oh please please please please make this stop.

Right, left, right, left, right left rightleftrightleft.

Come on.  Think for yourselves for once.

Let's face facts:

We're talking about individuals on all sides of the equation 
here.  Generally speaking, all of these individuals believe they're acting 
in a rational way.  It's generally just a disagreement on how they believe 
they're going to help.  It seems that when it comes down to "groupthink" in 
the political sense, people take a position and defend it to the extreme 
without realizing that both sides are making some sense.  It's just a 
question of which effects are stronger/more important.

If you're going to argue, argue on the fucking issues, and not on 
meaningless generalizations about "the rights is this, the left is this, 
the right believes this, the left believes that".  Come on.  We're still 
talking about individuals who have their own brains, right?  I'm so sick of 
people blaming "the right, the left, the Republicans, the Democrats" when 
all of those people *should* be thinking for themselves on issues and 
looking at each issue specifically to try to come up with the most 
reasonable solution instead of the most reasonable way to blame someone else.

There are, clearly, people "on the left" and people "on the right" who have 
done bad things.  There are CLEARLY people on each side who tend to 
exaggerate things for their own benefit.  There are CLEARLY people on each 
side who tend to stereotype and criticize the other side for doing stupid 
things.  But ALL sides do this - which is the problem you run into when 
you're forced into "the left" or "the right" and feel the need to take pot 
shots at the other side, instead of thinking for yourself on issues and 
trying to come up with reasonable solutions.

Ok?  Is this over?

If you guys are going to debate, can at least be on the issues, so that 
it's at least mildly entertaining, and helps those of us who don't identify 
with any side or any party use the debate as interesting fodder to feed our 
brains and actually *think* about the issues?

Trying to cut this off before it becomes too much like a Mac/PC debate.