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Tom Sweetnam savamutt@hotmail.com
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 18:41:46 +0000

Lucas Gonze wrote:

"The right criticizes America constantly, by the way -- there's no need to 
give that ground.  The only difference is that the right wraps itself in the 
flag before complaining. (Now, the left was appallingly stupid to let them 
have the flag, but that's a different conversation.)"

About 90% of our military votes Republican. The military is a conservative 
institution just by its very nature.

As to your charge that conservatives wrap themselves in the flag, I can only 
speak for my own group, the web ring with which I stay in touch on a daily 
basis -the US Army Ranger Association. You're absolutely correct in this 
respect Mr. Gonze, since I would venture to say that over the past 40 years 
at least 95% of the Rangers killed in battle, whose caskets were wrapped in 
the flag, have certainly been conservatives. If you or anyone else on the 
left begrudges that particular distinction, it's a simple matter of picking 
up a gun the next time your nation needs a task performed that might cost 
you your life.

The fact that the American left has shown an almost universal reticence in 
accepting such selfless responsibilities speaks legions about the onion skin 
depth of its de jour ideology, not to mention its intellectual cowardice.

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