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johnhall johnhall@isomedia.com
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 11:50:17 -0800

> From: On Behalf Of Lucas Gonze

> Trent Lott's rascist associations were well known long before the
> and it was clearly tolerated.  If you really need more
> chart the number of right wing politicians who've kissed ass at Bob
> U.

(1) Not really, and certainly not at the level of being a member of the
KKK.  You have to be a Democratic senator to do that.

(2) I have never discovered something about Bob Jones which makes
'guilty by association' in anyway reasonable.  They aren't really my
kind of people, but their demonization goes way over the top.

> The question here is why the right is so comfortable with redbaiting.
> Aren't you ashamed to be in such close proximity to it?


Nor am I uncomfortable associating with people who are avowed enemies
(A) Pedophiles.
(B) Nazis.
(C) Islamists who believe in Sharia / Jihad / Dhimmitude.

The Communists were more evil, killed more people, and crushed the
spirit of more humans than the people identified in (A) through (C).
Furthermore there was a time not so long ago when they were far more

So no, I have absolutely no problem associating with people who are
enemies of the Communists.  Communism isn't just anti-American, it is

I'm sure communism would work very well for a species of intelligent
ants.  Humans are not intelligent ants.  Nor are we evolving into
intelligent ants, Stalins belief in the "New Soviet Man" never panned


Yep, you stand with the communists.  I'll stand with the Americans /
Founding Fathers.