Sanctions vs. war [vs. trade]

Tue, 21 Jan 2003 11:59:24 -0800

> From: On Behalf Of Dave Long

> > I'm beginning to think trading with an enemy, particularly a
> totalitarian
> > one, is the easiest way to kick his ass.
> That is what worries me the most about
> the current situation.  If two players
> play an even game, the greater bankroll
> has a much stronger position, and the
> larger the bankroll difference relative
> to the variance of the game, the better
> the position.

This depends upon you both playing the same game and sticking to the
rules.  It doesn't work on the stage you are talking about.

Russia always got more out of trade with the West than the West did.
Lenin had the part about the West selling the rope he needed to hang
them with to him -- on credit.

The collapse of Russia was complex, and it is hard to imagine it working
out (in the end) any better than it did.  The West got very lucky.

> [1] which explains why it is a foul to bump
> in an America's Cup race: the presumption is
> that the bumper is trying to make up for a
> weakness relative to the bumpee by shaking
> things up a bit.

It is always a foul to bump another boat in a sailing race.