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At 11:50 AM -0800 on 1/21/03, johnhall wrote:

> I'm sure communism would work very well for a species of
> intelligent ants.  Humans are not intelligent ants.

The real humor about this line of reasoning -- and it's not your
fault you use it, everybody does -- is that ants, and bees, and
termites, *compete* with each other. They have random, but organized,
behaviors that maximize utility; they're actors in a market. I
suppose more intelligent ants would have money, as well. :-). In the
meantime, transfer pricing is pricing, nonetheless...

The word "queen" is, for the most part, an artifact of the Victorians
who studied social insects first.

Kevin Kelly's "Out of Control" is a nice primer to this stuff, though
probably dated, by now, and probably not *that* market-oriented...

The point is, of course, communism *never* works. Period.

Even members of a family compete for scarce resources. If you don't
believe that, ask your siblings. Or, for that matter, your spouse.

*Nobody* "shares". Nothing alive does.

"Cooperation" is a *competitive* strategy, it is not altruism. Heck,
*altruism* is a competitive strategy.

Just like that '70's bumpersticker used to say, boys and girls: Ass,
Gas, or Grass -- Nobody Rides for Free.

Who also thinks that emotions are just a way to file memories.
Right?? Right??? :-).

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