CodeCon presentations announced and registration open

R. A. Hettinga
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 17:53:41 -0500

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Subject: CodeCon presentations announced and registration open

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CodeCon 2.0 is the premier event in 2003 for the P2P, Cypherpunk, and
network/security application developer community. It is a workshop for
developers of real-world applications with working code and active
development projects.

CodeCon registration is $95; a $15 discount is available for attendees who
register online prior to February 15th. CodeCon 2.0 will be held February
22-24, noon-6pm, at Club NV (525 Howard Street) in San Francisco.

Presentations will include:

    * Advogato - Good metadata, even when under attack, based on a trust
    * Alluvium - p2p media streaming for low-bandwidth broadcasters
    * Bayonne - Telephony application services for freely licensed
        operating systems
    * Cryptopy - pure Python crypto
    * DeepGreen - Agent Oriented investment analysis designed to be
    * GNU radio - Hacking the RF Spectrum with Free Software and Hardware
    * HOTorNOT - A working example of well-designed website user interface
    * Hydan - Steganographically conceal a message into an executable
    * Khashmir - A distributed hash table library upon which applications
        can be built
    * Mixminion - A next-generation anonymous remailer
    * Neurogrid - Decentralized Fuzzy Meta-Data Search
    * OpenRatings - An open source professor ratings engine
    * Paketto Keiretsu - Interesting and Useful Techniques for TCP/IP
    * YouServ - A communal web-hosting system for the masses
    * A panel on future directions in version control

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