Re[3]: A Bunch of Stuff...

S. Alexander Jacobson
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 19:43:50 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

There are two questions here:
1. Are many of America's critics "anti-american"?
2. Are their equivalent pathologies on the right?

Regarding anti-americanism, this question is asked
in the context of anti-war protesters.  In this
regard, there is a certain
see-no-evil/no-enemies-to-the-left quality to the
people on this list who are ignorant about those
who organized the protests in DC but are so
strident in defending them from charges of

ANSWER are the people who organized the protests.

For a summary of their reprehensible views, see

They supported the Tianemen Square Massacre

They supported Iraq against the US "aggression" of

They  endorse the pathologically evil regime
in North Korea

They stand is solidarity with former Serbian
President Slobodan Milosevic the butcher of
Srebrenica in opposition to trying him for war
crimes and in opposition to the US attempt to
prevent another genocide in Kosovo.

It is hard to escape the feeling that they are
either anti-american or pro-death.

The face and much of the body of the anti-war
movement are anti-american communists and their
sympathizers.  If that were not the case, there
would be others organizing the protests and ANSWER
would be disavowed.

Regarding the "everybody does it" defense.
It is hard to tell what this even means.  There
are no major leaders on the right endorsing
genocide, slavery, or even Jim Crow.  Pat
Buchanan, David Duke, and now Trent Lott are
excluded from leadership positions.

So to take this back to the original question:

The reason why many who criticize America are
labelled anti-American is because frequently they


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