Re[3]: A Bunch of Stuff...

Dr. Robert Harley
Wed, 22 Jan 2003 04:05:28 +0100 (CET)

Beware the anti-Americans!  They may be in your neighbourhood...  here
on FoRK... in Hollywood... there may be one under your bed!  Be sure
to write to your God-fearing True-american Congress-critter to demand
revival of the Un-American Activities Committee to fight the good
fight against evil anti-Americans.  Be alert and report any suspicious
activity, such as people you don't like who joke about nuking L.A.,
particularly if they're named Ahmed or Rashid, to:

  Federal Bureau of Investigation
  J. Edgar Hoover Building
  Washington DC

for interrogation, destruction of their careers and possibly
detainment or deportation!  It gets easier all the time thanks to new
homeland security regulations, just like in the good old days when the
Alien Registration Act and such like could be used against dangerous
un-Americans including Berthold Brecht, Elia Kazan, Charlie Chaplin,
Arthur Miller and Orson Welles.  And now some evil anti-Americans can
even be imprisoned without trial if our protector Dubya suspects them
of something or if he happens to feel like it!  Now that's progress!


Personally, I'm anti-whatever-suits-me-at-the-moment, so there.