Re[3]: A Bunch of Stuff...

S. Alexander Jacobson
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 22:20:20 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Mr. FoRK wrote:
> I think it's silly to ignore hundreds of thousands of protesters and what
> they are protesting merely because the organizers co-opted their feelings.

The issue here is whether your "hundreds of
thousands of protesters" are actually pro-American
given the anti-American nature of the organizers.

The depth of pro-American anti-war sentiment can't
be that strong if those that have it can't get it
together to organize a protest without the help of

> I don't think any of the hundreds of thousands of marchers knew anything
> more than it was an anti-war protest. I doubt they are sophisticated enough
> to question the organizers of something they think they believe in.

The claims that the protesters and their
sympathizers were innocent of ANSWER's
anti-Americanism because they were ignorant would
ring less hollow if, when informed, they expressed
some shock and/or outrage at their manipulation,
condemned the organizers, and perhaps committed
not to rally with them in the future.  Instead,
they just defensively fling "everybody does it"
accusations back.

All that is left is the claim (not made by Mr
FoRK) that the largely pro-American protesters and
their sympathizers were simply using ANSWER's
organization for their own anti-war ends.

I'll quote another blogger on this one:
 "I accept the association, I am associated with an
 organization that supports mass-murder, because on
 this issue, they facilitated my ability to object
 to US Government policy." Say that aloud five
 times, because that is the situation that you find
 yourself in. If you can live with that, be my guest.

 But, anyone who attends an ANSWER-organized
 demonstration, and who slithers away from the
 association with thoughtless counter-charges and
 who evades responsibility for such associations is
 both dishonest and morally squalid.


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