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Gregory Alan Bolcer
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 19:28:00 -0800

The military is like everything else.  Big things make
big targets.  The more little things you have that
can kill big things, the better off you are.   Handheld
weaponry and automated/autosensing ground weaponry--both
offensive and defensive--are the future of ground combat.
Everything from auto-return sniper fire, guaranteed to
put steel on snipers within 1/10th of a second of
the initial sound wave to one little $2200 smart multisensor
mine can knock out one of these multi million dollar behemoth

Score one for decentralization and high tech superiority.


>>...  That said, tanks are largely
>>obsolete.  The US has extended the viable combat life quite a bit through
>>the US of very advanced technology (as usual), but older and less
>>sophisticated systems are pretty defenseless as such things go.  The Abrams
>>is probably the last Main Battle Tank the US will ever deploy.
> ...
>>Artillery is obsolete, which is among the primary reasons the US has
>>decided not to upgrade their systems while phasing the old ones out.
>>Classic artillery is premised on the idea of lines of battle, which as I
>>mentioned in a previous post, is an obsolete concept in US military
> ..

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