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[old bits, but entertaining. Before you get your hopes up -- or  
anything else! -- this still isn't about HD distribution, only HD  
mastering to ordinary DVDs. You're still limited to DVHS copies of  
HD.net's _Bikini Destinations_ :-]


Ultimate Pictures / Adam And Eve To Shoot First Movie In HDTV

(VAN NUYS, CA) -- Ultimate Pictures/Adam and Eve Productions will begin  
production of Whispering Hearts and Photogenic Sensations this week in  
Southern California. Both of these high-end, big budget shoots will be  
filmed and Produced in HDTV, a first for the adult industry. Nicholas  
Steele will direct both movies. Both movies will be released in early  

High-definition television (HDTV) refers to broadcasts that contain a  
high-quality picture and Dolby Digital surround sound. High-definition  
television (HDTV) increases the percentage of the visual field  
contained by the image on the screen. HDTV systems increase the number  
of horizontal and vertical pixels compared to regular television.  
Originating from wide-screen movies, movie producers discovered that  
individuals seated in the first few rows enjoyed a level of  
participation in the action not possible with conventional movies. The  
technology of HDTV also allows producers to shoot their features in  
HDTV quality, and will transfer to all formats, but will be best seen  
on HDTV.

Exceptional casts have been created for both of these productions.  
Kylie Ireland, Syren, Dee, Evan Stone and others will star in  
Whispering Hearts, a "new" take on the movie The Horse Whisperer.  
Photogenic Sensations will star Tawny Roberts, Dominica Leoni, Nikki  
Fairchild, Zana, Lee Stone and more.

Ultimate Pictures, founded in 1991, produces exclusively for Adam and  
Eve Productions, releasing over 14 titles per year. Ultimate Pictures  
prides itself on creating the highest quality of adult films with hands  
on approach, which maintains its ability to create consistent levels of  
movies. Using majestic locations, glamorous performers, rich story  
lines and state-of-the-art technology, Ultimate Pictures leads the way  
in high quality adult films.

Adam & Eve, America's leading force in sex-positive adult entertainment  
for over 30 years, continues to dominate the adult industry with mail  
order sales, internet marketing, Temptations Parties, and the  
award-winning Adam & Eve Productions. Everything you need for the  
ultimate sexual experiences can be found at http://www.adameve.com.

First Adult Feature Movies in HDTV Format.
  - CyberErotica/Surfer Pictures Press Release

    May 24, 2002 - Surfer Pictures, a new provider for adult  
entertainment shot exclusively in the Tropics, announced today that it  
is making a huge splash with the first two HDTV Adult Features, Hawaii  
Heat and Club TropiXXX.  Surfer Pictures is ripping a new wave in HDTV  
Adult Cinema-Quality Digital Movies.   Building on a team of  
Cybererotica.com and the industries finest talent and directors, Surfer  
Pictures is setting new standards of quality and excellence in the  
Adult Entertainment Industry.

   Mitch King was interviewed on location in Hawaii and was very excited  
about the HDTV cameras. "The quality is unbelievable!  It is like  
looking through a window looking at the dailies. The viewer is going to  
feel like they are right there with the talent in the scene.  We are  
getting 35mm film quality in a compact camera system.  We even packed  
the camera on a Jet Ski and took it through breaking surf to a secluded  
Private Island.  We could never do that with our 35mm film system,"  
said Mitch.

   "Taking ques from MTV and shows like 24, Surfer Pictures is  
reinventing the way Adult Entertainment is viewed.  The style is  
aggressive, avant-garde, and erotic.  Using the biggest names in Hip  
Hop like Digital Underground, Surfer Pictures is taking Adult  
Entertainment to a new level.  The music and sex blend into a genre  
never seen before."

   "The Panasonic HDTV camera also shoots at variable frame rates like  
our film cameras.  This allows us to under and over crank the images to  
get special looks for different scenes.  The Pop shots at 60 frames per  
second on HDTV slowed down are sweet!  And at 12 and 18 frames of HDTV  
we get a killer look like they use in MTV Film Music Videos. The titles  
will be released in DVD and VHS format."