Derrida, Derrida, Etc.: The philosopher as king

Tom Sweetnam
Fri, 24 Jan 2003 15:14:46 +0000

I think Derrida's premise that only through the deconstruction of language 
can we ever hope to decipher the ultimate Big Idea (that elusive 
metaphysical grand unified theory), is a construct best grasped via the 
French cinema. In fact, I think the French cinema says all there is to say 
about Derrida's and every other French philosophical movement hatched this 
century past.

After all, Derrida tells us syntax is key to understanding such highfalutin 
ideas, which may explain a great deal about French screenplays as well. I 
made my own attempt at deconstructing a classic Derrida-influenced French 
screenplay at Globalcomment a couple of years ago.  ;-)

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