How Asians Will Save American Education

Sat, 25 Jan 2003 22:10:25 -0800

The best work to read against preferential policies is Sowell's
Preferential Policies.

The best one in favor of them I found was "A Moral Defense of
Affirmative Action".

> From: On Behalf Of Tom Sweetnam

> Current racial metaphysics bases race favoritism on the historical
> of discrimination against minorities and women, black people in
> particular.

No, it doesn't.  You might hear that, but it isn't the real reason.

It is based upon the assumption that in a perfect world there would be
no inequality between different groups.

It _really_ helps to view preferential polices which are completely
divorced from an American context.  Studying the system in Malaysia, for
example, makes it easier to identify the real issues in the United


Finally, I'd rather not be associated with the article.  Though I am
'violently' anti-Preferential policies and contributed to Washington
State's anti-AA initiative this article makes some questionable claims.

Stick to the facts.  They are telling enough.

Closer to home, consider this article on 'diversity':


Finally, I reject "skin deep diversity".  I think out bitbitch would get
more out of a more intellectually diverse student body than she would
out of an ethnically balanced one.

Besides, even skin deep diversity isn't a legitimate argument for
statistically balanced quotas.  It is a legitimate argument for