U2 plane crashes in South Korea

Mr. FoRK fork_list@hotmail.com
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 00:50:34 -0800

An American U-2 spy plane has crashed near the South Korean capital Seoul.

Local television reports said the pilot ejected moments before the plane
crashed into a car repair shop and exploded.
It is not known if there were other crew on board the surveillance plane.
Two people inside the shop were injured.
"The plane crashed at around 3pm (0600 GMT) but details including casualties
and the cause of the accident are not immediately available," a ministry
spokesman said.
The aircraft had taken off from a US airbase in Osan, not far from the crash
site in Hwasong City, south of Seoul.
About 37,000 US troops are based in South Korea to provide defence against
the communist North.

Last Updated: 08:08 UK, Sunday January 26, 2003