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> From: Eugen Leitl <eugen@leitl.org>
> Subject: Re: [Fwd: The Costs of Making a DRAM Chip]
> Don't fret, we'll grow pentiums on trees some day.
> Seriously, that the ecoaudit of semiconductor photolitho is just awful is
> hardly news.
> There's not that much what we can do overnight, but inkjet and
> nanolithoprinting is coming. Plastik ink and quantum dots are easy enough
> to cook up, and get transferred to surface in one step. Molecular
> circuitry is environmentally very friendly, especially if machine-phase
> lands. (Of course, it'd better land within a human lifespan, or less).

I seem to recall previous reports back in the mid-90's.  Mostly about the toxic
by-products of fabs.

Ah yes plastics.  Shame they're mostly made from oil.

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