How Asians Will Save American Education

Gregory Alan Bolcer
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 08:46:58 -0800

UC Irvine is one of the most diverse campuses in the
US.  Southern California is a gateway to the pacific
rim--that's why almost all car companies US and Asian
have major offices here.  The funny thing about this
US News college ranking on diversity, UCI is 54%
Asian when you lump all the different types together,
but for reporting purposes, they don't count certain
"successful" types as minorities.   That's why AA
was so much crap.  The correlation model between being a 
minority and barriers to success in school only worked in 
some cases, and what scholastic success really came down to was
does the person want to be there or not. 

Greg wrote:
> Wow.   You have no idea how accurate that is.  Its frightening.
> Its hard to detatch myself from the rhetoric -- I for instance, dont'
> just hold blacks/hispanics and liberals accountable for the
> educational decline -- Standardized testing, forced graduation to
> further grade levels, and federal/state cuts to the educational system
> have a considerable place in the mix.   But you're right as far as AA
> is concerned.   Its crap.  California has successfully proven that its
> crap.  THe system whereby race is _considered_ but not massive is a
> good one.  Hey, I'll be honest.  I got more _ethnically_ (and not my
> own) out of going to UCI with its diverse Asian, Hispanic, Middle
> Eastern, Eastern European and Black populations than I'll ever hope to
> get out of the homogenous white population of Pierce Law Center.
> There is something that gets lost when people who are all raised with
> the same stereotypes get together.  Its a sucky proposition I'm
> observing first hand (95% of the school is white, although our foreign
> Masters program provides some needed diversity).   I think my overall
> education was enhanced by the diversity as well.  But affirmative
> action just ain't the way to go.
> -BB