How Asians Will Save American Education

Tom Sweetnam
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 16:49:47 +0000

Such changes to the way people think and act toward public education came 
about with forced bussing and forced integration of public schools in the 
late 1960's. You can't simply detach things like standardized testing, 
forced grade advancement, and school budgets  from the evolution of 
affirmative action, pretending that different social forces were at play in 
the nurture of all such communal institutions. "Standardized testing" for 
instance, is anything but. In fact, any talk of educational competency 
testing is simply sham when it doesn't apply to public school teachers 
themselves. Find me a teacher's union in a predominantly black or other 
large urban public school district where any hint of teacher competency 
testing hasn't been fought fist, tooth, and nail.

Forced grade advancement is yet another subroutine of the main program: 
affirmative action. Kids are advanced to higher grades in the public school 
systems of Oakland, Detroit, and Chicago simply for showing up in the 
classroom. In other words, grade advancement in urban public schools is a 
perk not of learning, but rather of  the body count. The more kids who show 
up in class, the more money the school gets for administration. The same 
thing can be said of quota admissions programs in the nation's colleges.

As to school budgets having anything to do with educational competency, 
let's Derrida that pretext and do a little objective deconstruction here. 
I'm currently sitting in my motorhome on South Beach in Crescent City, 
California, in the far-northern county of Del Norte. Natural rugged beauty 
and great surfing to the contrary, this and Humboldt County to our immediate 
south are California's two poorest counties. We have few blacks and Mexicans 
here because there is no large bureaucratic presence, and because Mexican 
illegals and itinerants can make better money in the strawberry fields of 
California's central and southern veldt than they can working here where 
more often than not wages are the legal minimum. What we do have in Del 
Norte and Humboldt is the largest per capita population of Native Americans 
anywhere on the West Coast, and a healthy presence of Laotians, Vietnamese, 
and Cambodians too. We also have the lowest per-student public school 
budgets in California.

Oakland's predominantly black public school district for instance, has a 
per-student budget twice that of Del Norte County and Humboldt County, yet 
in basic educational development our kids here so outdistance public school 
students in Oakland, that they make an absolute mockery of budget = 
educational competency excuses. Kids read books up here you see, 
because....well, because kids know HOW to read books up here. wrote:

>Wow.   You have no idea how accurate that is.  Its frightening.
>Its hard to detatch myself from the rhetoric -- I for instance, dont'
>just hold blacks/hispanics and liberals accountable for the
>educational decline -- Standardized testing, forced graduation to
>further grade levels, and federal/state cuts to the educational system
>have a considerable place in the mixStandardized testing, forced 
> >graduation to further grade levels, and federal/state cuts to the 
> >educational system have a considerable place in the mix.

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