Re[2]: How Asians Will Save American Education

Sun, 26 Jan 2003 13:04:50 -0800

> From: On Behalf Of

> I, unlike
> Mr. Hall, don't think that there is an overall 'superiority' order in
> races.

You misunderstand Mr. Hall's position.  Mr. Hall has no need for that

> THey fixed it by dumbing
> down, instead of forcing the bar to remain the same, and trying harder
> to get the bussed in kids up to the level.

If it is a problem to be 'fixed' then it can't be 'fixed' any other way.

> Keeping
> standards at the high level that they expected would have solved both
> problems, and encouraged a diverse, educated population.  

No, it would have rubbed people's noses in the fact that different
cultures produce different results.

Note that the kids who _really_ get screwed over by this are the very
people who people claim to be concerned with.  If you try and screw up
_my_ child's education at school it won't work because I have options.
I can go (have gone) private and furthermore my child can get anything
she misses at home.  A child from a disadvantaged background doesn't
have those options.

High standards mean you save some of them.  Lowering standards means you
mostly don't save any.  The latter is chosen because it seems more

> And?  Unless you're comparing districts with a generally similar set
> of circumstances (number of students overall comparative to teachers,
> opportunities etc) you're not going to win much on this.

Don't go down that road, you won't win.  Educational performance doesn't
track money spent on education or class size within very wide bands.  It
does track things like -- did the child have two parents who were

> Say I'm a quarter mexican, a quarter asian,
> a quarter black and a quarter white.

That doesn't matter.

Were your parents married when they had you?
Were they over 20?
Are they still married?
Did they complete High School?
Do you see your father read at home?
Do they tell you that you live in a world where your own efforts make a


For an individual, those are the questions.
We pick on race only because the answers to those questions are
correlated with race.
Correlation is not causation.