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Tom Sweetnam savamutt@hotmail.com
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 02:17:50 +0000

Owen Byrne wrote:

"The question here is why the right is so comfortable with red baiting. 
Aren't you ashamed to be in such close proximity to it?"

No, not at all. I'll concede to your inference that red-bating isn't a very 
good idea though.

Far better it is to shoot communists rather than bait them. A radical modus 
operandi perhaps, one the left might call a "proactive approach" in 
latter-day trendy-speak, but a particular expedient for doing away with 
public nuisances that communists themselves have elevated to the stature of 
religious grail. Look at China. They shoot a million people a year, probably 
half of them for their politics. If such an exercise were carried out with 
sufficient zeal in this country against, rather than by communists, it'd 
certainly put an end to red-baiting. After all, if there is no one left to 
bait, what's the point, right?

Red-baiting in the US is a hapless exercise at any rate, since such 
criticism is almost always aimed at a general gaggle of losers, the  foppish 
left, and Marxist college faculty -pretend communists the whole bunch of 
them, with majorettes like Christopher Hitchens and Noam Chomsky leading the 
parade, spinning their pinkish twaddle instead of batons. Apparently such 
people have never read Orwell's 'Homage To Catalonia', Robert Conquest's 
'The Great Terror', nor  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's 'The Gulag Archipelago' 
trilogy and The First Circle. If they had, they'd know when communists seize 
power anywhere, it isn't the capitalists and land owners they go after 
first, rather it's the pansy left and Marxist intellectuals who sit atop 
their hit list in position #1.

When the communists seized I Corps and other areas of South Vietnam during 
the 1968 Tet Offensive, murdering civilians in their tens of thousands while 
scorching their way across the landscape, it wasn't capitalists and land 
owners they went after first. Commissars would get around to such people 
eventually, but only after their most important mission of genocide had been 
tidied up forthwith. They executed first and foremost, those people who in 
America we've traditionally regarded as liberal/left: Marxist intellectuals; 
university faculty; Catholics, nuns, priests, and vociferous religionists of 
other theological stripes; homosexuals and other "degenerates"; pacifists; 
turncoats; military service evaders; socialist freethinkers; etc. etc. Any 
commissar worth his daily bowl of rice would regard such people a dire 
threat to ideological conformity, since these people had already 
demonstrated a propensity for dissent, that particular trait of character 
intolerable above all others to any of history's totalitarian regimes.

Communists always clean their own house first. Anywhere communists have 
seized power over the century past, it's a pattern as predictable as the 
tides. The example in Vietnam was repeated in Cambodia where Pol Pot filled 
his torture chambers with his own commissars and army cadre first, not with 
capitalists and land owners. Only after he'd eradicated this "internal" 
threat did he murder those two million five hundred thousand others he'd 
suspected of being tainted by Western liberalism.

The irony in all this is that those who espouse Marxism/communism in America 
do so with fantastic ignorance of the actual practical application of 
Marxist ideology anywhere it's been practiced for the past 85 years. The 
double irony of course, is that Christopher Hitchens, Noam Chomsky, 
America's Marxist college faculty, the staff of Nation, and the people of 
ANSWER don't seem to entertain the slightest clue that it would be THEM 
lined up against a wall and shot first if their darling ideology was ever in 
fact instituted in the US.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, on taking up residence in Vermont, was shocked by 
the American left's sublime ignorance of what communism actually represented 
in those states where it had taken control. So thoroughly dismayed was he in 
fact, that in 1980 he penned The Mortal Danger, his only book written 
specifically for an American audience. It's a warning knell against escapist 
stupidity, that particular characteristic endemic to America's left wing 
mindset, especially their refusal to acknowledge the true nature of the most 
insidious plague of slavery and mass genocide ever visited on mankind: 
communism. It goes without saying that one probably couldn't find The Mortal 
Danger in the private stacks of 90% of America's history professors. Another 
you're unlikely to find is The Black Book of Communism, in spite of the fact 
that the American edition was published at Harvard. I keep a well-annotated 
copy as a reference bible. It's a standard text in most Western European 
universities now though you're unlike to find it an adjunct to any history 
curriculum in this nation.

Here's the blurb from Amazon UK. It's short and well worth linking up for 
the minute or two it takes to read. Fair warning though, it's a horror story 
not even Steven King could conjure, one that leaves 125 million ghosts in 
its wake.


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