The Costs of Making a DRAM Chip

Gregory Alan Bolcer
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 17:14:35 -0800

Eugene, the most important of my last post was
this line:
    "I think the product Tom was talking about was beer."

You didn't even include it in your response,
so I reposted it.


Eugen Leitl wrote:
> On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
>>That's one of the most ignorant, rampist comments
>>I've ever seen for three reasons:
>>  1) Byproduct dumping has been illegal at the federal and
>>     state levels for most of my life.
> So you're running a completely closed loop on all industrial processes in
> a foundry? Ha-ha. I might be ignorant, but I understand enough industrial
> chemistry. I've snorted enough solvent crap in Wacker Burghausen -- and
> that's a Kraut factory. Biology does it. Molecular manufacturing will do
> it, one day.  Modern chemistry only makes weak mewling noises towards
> green chemistry. Modern chemistry is, frankly, a very dirty man.
>>  2) The chip industry is one of the most tightly controlled 
>>     and regulated industries for creation and disposal
>>     of products and byproducts, i.e. the carefully monitor
>>     each and every product and byproduct.  
> Absolutely. You can assume there's a reason for that.
>>  3) You're comment assumes that all chipmakers want to
>>     be criminals rather than comply with 1) & 2). 
> Your comment assumes that legality and compliance can ignore the
> constraints of current chemical processes. What happens instead is that
> fabbing mostly drifts along cost gradient to other places. I recommend you
> to visit these areas of the world which are taking the brunt of shifted
> industrial production.

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