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Tom Sweetnam savamutt@hotmail.com
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 02:52:05 +0000

Owen Byrne wrote:

"You should try reading this piece by Orwell - I am sure he would suggest 
the same thing after hearing "Homage to Catalonia" being used to attack the 

Communists aren't "the left" Owen. Communists are totalitarians.  There is 
no "left" or "right" in the dystopias ruled by communism. There are only 
Borg. That's the whole point of Animal Farm and 1984, especially the latter. 
But you say I should read George Orwell? I do, and I have, at great length. 
Since we're giving each other advise on reading George Orwell, I might 
recommend his biography, Bernard Crick's magnum opus. You may even learn a 
thing or two about Orwell's political metamorphosis in Catalonia.

BTW I lived in Canada for a year in the late 80's, in Vancouver, right on 
the beach in Kitsilano. I helped set up an advertising agency there. I love 
Canada, and now that I'm a full-time motorhome vagabond, I go there at least 
every couple of years, my most recent visit a 2000-mile, three month sojourn 
through Alberta remote in 1999. I intend to spend another three months in 
the remote reaches of BC this summer, maybe using Prince Rupert for a base 
of operations, then I can ply the Inside Passage and the islands for awhile. 
I saw about a thousand killer whales last time I was there. Best oysters in 
the world too. What a beautiful place.

One thing that drove me crazy about Canadians, at least for the first few 
months I lived in Vancouver, was their incessant, niggling, sniveling 
whining, yipping, yapping, anti-Americanism, especially that of the British 
expatriate staff at the Vancouver Sun. What a bunch of nits those yahoos 
were. I took up reading the Province shortly after my arrival because it's 
really difficult to disparage the editorial direction of a newspaper that 
features a huge set of hooters on page 2 every morning. It may not be 
Pulitzer material, but by God it's honest.

Anyway, all that carping pissed me off until I learned to take it at face 
value, beginning to understand as I did, that such bitching is really 
deflection, a manifestation of hoserland's two most distinguishing 
personality traits: self-effacement and a national inferiority complex. In 
that regard Owen, you're a great ambassador, one who in my humble opinion 
deserves a Governor General's award as the finest example of incessant, 
niggling, sniveling, yipping, yapping, anti-American whining I've ever 
encountered anywhere.

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