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Those still in doubt about "peace rally" organizer A.N.S.W.E.R. and their 
umbilical connection with the radical Communist Worker's Party,   Colombian 
drug cartels, and Islamic terrorist organizations, should read the following 
editorial by David Horowitz from the January 21 edition of The Jewish World 

The saddest thing in all this, as Horowitz and other JWR contributors have 
pointed out, is that many of these Hate America fringe organizations have 
found a welcome home within the Democratic Party.

They Want to Place America Under Siege

David Horowitz

America's enemies within turned out in force on Saturday in Washington DC 
and San Francisco under the auspicies of the Communist Workers World Party 
operating under its front organization, A.N.S.W.E.R. Once again the 
demonstrators pretended to be peace activists, who found violence abhorrent 
and a willing media played along with the charade. Neither the New York 
Times nor the Los Angeles Times nor any media I saw identified the 
organizers as Communists who have a long record of support for world terror 
and its leaders including the Ayatollah Khomeini, Kim John Il, Slobodan 
Milosevic and Saddam Hussein.

As reported by the unfiltered cameras of C-Span, the pretense, in fact, was 
pretty thin. One of the featured speakers was a spokesman for the 
narco-terrorists in Colombia who opened his rant (all the speeches fell into 
this category) with, "We have to stop America's war against the people of 
Iraq, and the people of Palestine, Colombia and the world." America is 
supporting the government of Colombia against a brutal communist guerrilla 
force that has been waging civil war there for half a century. Come to think 
of it, America's enemies in Palestine are the terrorist organizations Hamas, 
Islamic Jihad and the al-Aksa Martyrs terrorist brigade. And in Iraq, there 
is a dictator who has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his own people 
and has attempted to swallow the country of Kuwait. The spokesman for the 
Colombian narco-terrorists was quite candid (and why not, since he knows 
that the American media will present him as a "peace activist" anyway). "As 
revolutionaries," he said to the crowd, "as progressives, we have to resist 
American imperialism."

Then came Imam Mussa from the mosque Masjid al-Islam,. Like most of the cast 
assembled by A.N.S.W.E.R. the Imam had also been a speaker at the Millions 
For Reparations March last August -- which was more about denouncing America 
as a racist, imperalist monster than making a case for compensation for any 
specific injustices (See my report, "Reparations Buffoons On The Washington 
Mall."). Here is a sample of the rhetoric at that March from Malik Zulu 
Shabazz (one of the few who was not at the "peace" event): "The President 
wants to talk about a terrorist named bin Laden. I don't want to talk about 
bin Laden. I want to talk about a terrorist called George Washington. I want 
to talk about a terrorist called Rudy Guiliani. The real terrorists have 
always been the United Snakes of America."

When he got going, the Imam Mussa dotted the i's and crossed any t's that 
the narco-terrorist spokesman had missed, telling the crowd that the regime 
change they wanted was in Washington not Bagdhad, and that they really 
didn't want a regime change at all. "We 're calling for a System change," he 
said. Revolution. "We won't get any justice as long as that criminal 
Congress is up there. We're calling for revolution. It's revolution time, 
brothers and sisters. We have to get rid of greedy murderers and 
imperialists like George Bush in the White House." The Imam then led the 
crowd -- are you ready for this -- in the chant the suicide bombers use as 
they blow up innocent men, women and children -- Allahu Ahkbar! Allahu 
Ahkbar! Allahu Akhbar!"

Democratic NY City Councilman and former Black Black Panther Charles Baron 
was also a speaker at the Millions for Reparations March, where he announced 
he needed to assault a white person for his "mental health." On this 
occasion he kept his racism in check, but not his rhetoric. "If you're 
looking for the Axis of Evil," he raved, "then look inside the belly of this 
beast." He went on to attack America's "monopoly capitalists" (a technical 
term which veterans of the left will recognize as the mark of Communist and 
Maoist sectarians) who of course were the puppeteers pulling the President's 

Damu Smith, head of "Black Voices for Peace," returned to Baron's theme and 
made it specific. "Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld," he said, "that's the Axis of 

Larry Holmes "co-founder" of the sponsoring organization who also hosted the 
Millions for Reparations March, then led the crowd in chants to free two 
convicted murderers, Mumia Abu Jamal and Jamin al Alamin (H. Rap Brown). 
This was a set-piece also during the Millions for Reparations March.

It would be reassuring if one could report that a single speaker or face in 
the televised crowd dissented from the stew of anti-American, anti-white, 
anti-Jew hatred or the violent incitements, but not one did. The crowd 
relished the show and was in total sympathy with the message.

Another striking fact about this march in support of global terrorism was 
the presence of prominent Democrat officials on the platform. In San 
Francisco, the most powerful Democrat legislator in the state John Burton 
screamed, "the President is full of shit" and that the President was 
"fucking with us," while encouraging the general sentiment that America 
rather than Iraq was the outlaw state. In Washington, Democratic hopeful Al 
Sharpton attended and DC ex-congresswoman Cynthia McKinney read a speech 
with the following claim: "In no other country on the planet do so many 
people have so little as they do in this country." This from a person who 
notoriously commandeered a taxpayer-funded limousine to take her from her 
townhouse one block to her congressional offices every morning.

More disturbing by far was the presence of two of the most powerful 
Democrats in Congress, the potential head of the Ways and Means Committee, 
Charles Rangel and the potential head of the Judiciary Committee John 
Conyers, who is of course the author of the Reparations Bill and the icon of 
the Communist organizers of both marches. Rangel's appearance was especially 
troubling because he has been a nightly face on TV news shows presenting 
himself as a patriot and a veteran (he served fifty years ago in Korea) who 
wanted a military draft so that all America would be invovled in the 
nation's defense. His critics thought he had other agendas, like using 
conscription to sabotage the war effort. Apparently his critics were 

Americans who care about their country and its future should think about the 
following. This anti-American pro-terrorist movement is now larger than the 
anti-Vietnam pro-Communist "peace" movement was until the very end of the 
Sixties. Yet there is no draft. Before the draft the anti-Vietnam movement 
was very very small. Its demonstrations were numbered in the hundreds of 
participants, not even the thousands. The first big manifestation of the 
anti-American left was the Stop the Draft March in Oakland in 1965, which 
was four years after America's involvement in Vietnam got serious.

The second thing Americans should think about is the fact that this 
anti-American support movement for America's enemies has deep roots in the 
Democratic Party. I am a firm believer in the two-party system. I find it 
extremely worrying, therefore, that one party can no longer be trusted with 
the nation's security. This problem will not be easily fixed. But it won't 
be fixed at all unless attention is drawn to it, and we cannot do that 
unless we stop the charade of calling this a "peace" movement and recognize 
instead that it is anti-American movement to divide this country in the face 
of its enemies and give aid and comfort to those who would destroy us.

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