johnhall johnhall@isomedia.com
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 09:07:42 -0800

Your statement is accurate but so is Horowitz.

We are helping Columbia against a brutal communist force.

But that isn't really why we are there.  And the suppression of the
cartels drove the cartels to side with the communists (they used to
fight them).

See: Killing Pablo.

> From: On Behalf Of Russell Turpin

> David Horowitz writes:
> >America is supporting the government of Colombia against a brutal
> communist
> >guerrilla force that has been waging civil war there for half a
> What utter bullshit. The US's primary foreign
> policy effort in Colombia, for decades, has been
> a predictably futile effort to staunch the
> supply of cocaine using military force and
> herbicides, IN TOTAL DISREGARD for what this has
> done to Colombia. The pretense that this was done
> to help the Colombian people is hypocrisy of the
> vilest and rankest order.