education correlation

Mr. FoRK
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 10:30:34 -0800

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> of which only the last has anything to
> do with one's own efforts, then I guess
> we'd be in a world where one's parents'
> efforts make most of the difference. [1]

> [1] if these were the questions, would
> there be any point to public education
> beyond state-provided daycare?

Hmm. Yes, if the attitude and environment that parents provide to their
children determine whether they learn within whatever schools they go to. It
takes two to tango - good parents to raise good learners, and good schools
to provide the resources, knowledge and other opportunities.

If you really want to talk about education, go to a school and sit in some
classes and talk to teachers of young kids.
You'll see a huge difference in kids based on whether they get to school
with a breakfast in their belly, socks on their feet, a nights sleep rather
than watching tv to 1am or being kept awake by a young/infant sibling put in
their room. Not to mention the general dismissive attitude towards teachers
and school - which isn't normally taught in schools so probably is picked up
at home.