Ahhh, someone more radical than I am ...

Tom Sweetnam savamutt@hotmail.com
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 22:18:23 +0000

"Reality. Wow! What a radical concept!"--Mad Dog London

johnhall wrote:

>Mr. Hitchens should not be listed in the same sentence with Chomsky.

I include Hitchens and Chomsky in the same bag because they are both 
Marxists and because they are the most vociferous proponents on the American 
scene for a World Court. They want to address "crimes against humanity" you 
see, which means they want to hang Henry Kissinger and other Cold Warriors 
like myself for the great service we performed on behalf of the rest of 
humanity: killing communists. (As a PSYOPS military intelligence operative, 
I was indirectly involved in the swan song of the I Corps Phoenix Program 
during my second tour of duty in Vietnam, the most effective anti-terrorist 
program in recent history. My first tour I'd served with L Company Rangers, 
also in I Corps).

However, as much as they want to hang people like Henry Kissinger and select 
Cold War/hot war veterans, Hitchens and Chomsky are loath to confront 
communism's own chit sheet, the tally of humanity murdered by communists for 
the sake of creating the paradise each regime has unabashedly promised. The 
death toll stood at 100,000,000 before the collapse of Soviet communism, at 
least according to declassified KGB documents it did. This doesn't include 
those murdered since, like the million murdered in China every year, nor the 
million and a half Montagnards in Vietnam murdered since 1986 to make room 
for coffee plantations, nor the 30,000 murdered every year by Colombian and 
Peruvian communist guerilla bands.

Hitchens and I went toe-to-toe in the Atlantic Monthly forum a few years 
ago. FoRK posters Dr. Bolcer and Marty Halvorson probably remember. I'd 
written a rebuttal essay to his article in Vanity Fair about Henry 
Kissinger, the CIA and Chile. Hitchens is a bright guy and excellent writer, 
but he's an unapologetic Marxist who suffers no conscience pangs at sweeping 
a hundred million lives under the rug of history. Chomsky in a Nobel moron, 
the world's #1 anti-Semitic Jew, probably suffering advanced Alzheimer's.

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