What is death?

Tom tomwhore@slack.net
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 13:32:57 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Russell Turpin wrote:

--]Hey, don't ask me. Ask all the FoRK fatties. I
--]have only a moderate pot. ;-)

I bet I am the phatist of ForkATTIES, if not in the top 5. At 410lbs im
certianly not what you would call "a tad bit tubby" or even "a moderate

--]The real answer to your question is that attending
--]to diet is a pain in the butt that requires
--]constant suppression of basic urge.

And its not just the urge. I hate when folks lay the blame on society, and
I am not going to totaly drop the dime on the big S here, but lets face
the country plan truth here...we are living in a sea of food. Not just
aany food mind you..new and improved food. Cool Ranch Style Dorritos and
Code Red Dew can be got in most Public Schools for crips sakes.

Its like having a junkie go to the Bowery to demonkey themselves. or
having a drunk go  work as a Brewmiester while drying out.

The source of our malidiction is all around us, target at us in multiple
vector manners and even in the "purists" of homes you will find it creep

To loose the wieght I need to I not only have to get my own head in
order,I have to have the support of my family. Its a tough nut to crack cause
while they want very desperatly for me to slim down, and thus not croak on
them, they are still living in the land of Good and Plenty. My 8 year old
loves me in her own way and has been a real trooper in working to make the
house a safe haven. Over the last 3 years she has cut down her McDisms to
few and far between. She drinks soda so infrequently at our house its a
notable event when she does. Compared to most of her peers shes a crunchy
granolanutgirl, though granola still makes her put onthe gas face.

So its complex and its twisted and its not a perfect line of "well just
dont " and its done. Its urge and conditioning and chemical twitching
consumer impulses and freud on a tricycling going aoooga aooga in your

Going thru it gives me a better insight on why folks opt for the scortched
earth stomach squeezing methods. Snip snip and your choices are made for
you...eat and explode.

--]I do believe in exercise.

The question here is "Does exercise belive in you". I have tried some
thought, admitedly, not nearly enough. To call my lifestyle sedintary
would be like calling Rip Taylors "a tad outgoing". I sit at work for
about 7 hours, I go home and play dad for some and then park my rear on a
chair to work on the home net, I sit to work on the zine and I sit to work
out my next big project (yes the public domain bookmoble meme is cooking
up a realy cool plan which I will hatch on yall soon). The only times I am
off my kiester is when the fmaily walks around the neighborhood, I am war
strollering, we go Geocaching, or getting to or from work. Working on the
garden will help some this spring/summer and having Ben around is making
me a bit more mobile. But again its habit and conditionsing and gravity
of tech that work to  park that ass down.

The bottom line is I have to do something or I die young. Thats not an
option any more, my days of "hope I die before I get old" are long long
gone. I want to spoil my grandkids and bore them with old ECW shows, tales
of the net way back when, and playing with all the new tech along with