What is death?

Tom tomwhore@slack.net
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 20:28:45 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Russell Turpin wrote:

--]to do. It's much easier if you live in a
--]neighborhood where groceries, video stores,
--]post offices, and the other places one goes
--]for other purposes are easy to reach by foot.

We bought our new house with that very thing as one of the top 3 important
items. Good school district and valuation were the others.

Before I moved in with my then to be wife's house I lived in a
nieghborhood with bookstores, grocers, a second run movie
thater/pizza/pub, tons of character and things to walk to with a 15 min
bus commute to work. This was a place I picked as a New Yorker who never
relied on a car to get around.

When I moved in with her it was in a closed community, no stores for many
blocks and then strip malls, no parks and no librarys even. Every trip
required a car save for the few times I hoofed it up a hill to get a bus
for a 45 min commute to work. My walking dropped to zippo

Now we live 6 blocks from where I lived before:)- It makes all the
differnce in the world. We walk to places, we walk to the bus, we
warstroller, we can hit geocaches even within walking distance..

--]The ideal thing, of course, is to live three
--]or four miles away from your office.

I think I about 2 miles out from the office. Problem is I have the infant,
an uphill huff to get back home, and I am so out of shape bike ridding is
out of the question..trying to balance ona bike at my wait is freaking
dangerous enough without having the kid on my back. My goal is to be able
to do that veryt thing, to join the BTA (bikers transit association) and
get the workout as a matter of daily routine.

Remeber "what about bob"?  Babby step.. Baaaaaaby steps..