quickly heard Raves

Tom tomwhore@slack.net
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 16:57:10 -0500 (EST)

I was listening to NPR ths afternoon and heard some of the Justice Talking
show concerning Rave Drug Laws. Seems there are a salte of laws coming
down to stopd rampant drug use at raves. Pretty amazingly stupid stuff was
beng said...Raves, ya know, are simply a place to do drugs with your
friedns..Raves, or so they say, are hot beds of all sorts of dangerous
socail activities..Raves, or so every proper thinking person should know,
need to be watched by the law because they are the cause of drug abuse
by our kids.

The one thread that got me was this...If we crack down on Raves they will
go underground...HELLOOOO you freaking clueless shitbergers...Raves were
born of the underground and until they fell victim of the Time Magazine
Cover Syndrome were nicely niching themselves a place of social utility.

Only one person on the show brought up the meme that Raves are not the
Niles source of all drug abuse woes and that each generation has had its
social funcation that screamed, to the elders, of doom and gloom disaster.
Sock Hops, early Pink Floyd shows, those hippie things, dancing withthe
colored in those uptown clubs.....

The two folks doing the Plus Side vs Minus Sign did meet on some common
ground as to realizng that Raves are simply the de jour outward expresion
of the issue, but the issue just gets so darn bogged down by phraseology
you can see comming a mile away.

A good show anyway that woke me up from a sck day nap. Well, that and Ben
wailing. Having an 6 month old is never needing mood altering drugs:)-