education correlation

Wed, 29 Jan 2003 16:36:31 -0800

> From: On Behalf Of Dave Long

> What I found odd is that the list of
> questions is half prenatal:
> > Were your parents married when they had you?
> > Were they over 20?
> > Did they complete High School?


I expected you to pick up on that one, Dave.  But it is a subtle point.

There is no causality link here.  But I wasn't concerned with causality,
I was concerned with prediction.

The answers to those questions identify different _behavior_ in the
parents.  That _behavior_ has massive consequences, up to and including
life and death for the children.  Infant mortality is also highly linked
to those questions (or at least the marriage and age ones).

People who complete high school are _different_ than those who do not.
And the difference is knowledge between the groups is not the most
important difference.