Fwd: jail time for good old adam

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Wed, 29 Jan 2003 23:03:12 -0500

Uh.  Am I missing something large by recognizing the only Adam Smith
in existence that I know of is all about the Invisible Hand?

ES> I don't think mailman liked the size of the pics that were attached to 
ES> my original message... Oh well, if you care to see them, let me know and 
ES> I'll send them to you directly.


ES> Elias Sinderson wrote:

>> Dear Lord,
>> Please bestow your everloving forgiveness upon our heathen friend Adam 
>> Smith, he knoweth not how deeply he sins.
>> Thanks,
>> Elias
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>> From: adam smith
>> Sent: Monday, January 20, 2003 1:02 PM
>> yo what up hot pants,,well i just got out of italian jail.....no joke, 
>> it fucking sucked, i got charged with vulgar, and obseen, indecent 
>> exposure in the vatican church, sait peters..it was for an art piece, 
>> and i wasnt naked, but these dolls that i make were, and i was taking 
>> pictures, and next thing, there were all these secret service dudes ( 
>> its the popes church), and they beat me up, and i got hancuffed and 
>> mug shots and finger printed, and thrown in the pen with a bunch of 
>> friggen wackoos.... im out now, and all my teachers are going wild, 
>> and they think its great, im waiting to see if i get kicked out of the 
>> country, so any way i thought that you would be proud that i now have 
>> some jail time under my belt.  any way where you at??  holla back\
>> all my love\
>> adam

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