RedHat 6.2 vs 8.0

Eirikur Hallgrimsson
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 04:53:56 -0500

On Thursday 30 January 2003 12:40 am, Mr. FoRK wrote:
> The machine has Red Hat 6.2 on it currently - what good/bad/ugly things
> are different from v8.0?

I just did a consulting job where I compared 7.3 and 8.0, especially the 
version numbers of things related to web services.

I had to back out of 8.0 at home because of the miserable state of Gnome on 
8.0. If you don't care about GUI desktops, or USB, you are probably fine 
with 6.2.  But it *is* a bit old and creaky.

SMP performance for more than 2 CPUs has improved radically.

6.2 is before journaling filesystems were in RedHat.   I recommend use of 
ext3, which can be mounted as ext2 on older systems if needbe.  Like 6.2.

New Hardware detection is far better now, same stuff at each boot and at 
install time.   Many more cards of all kinds are recognized.

There are surely tons of security issues fixed in 8.0's Apache and other 

8.0 has this weird fascist blending or morphing of Gnome and KDE to look 
like each other (so it doesn't matter which one you are using?), but only 
have common-denominator functionality.  And Gnome2 is so impoverished 
compared to 1.4.  If I wanted a uniform look, and meagre customization 
options, I'd be using some other operating system.

But, he says, you should learn to install the OS you are using.  I 
recommend blowing away the existing system and installing whatever you are 
going to use from scratch, but perhaps that's not really the way to go if 
you are new-ish to Linux.