RedHat 6.2 vs 8.0

Luis Villa
30 Jan 2003 08:12:28 -0500

On Thu, 2003-01-30 at 04:53, Eirikur Hallgrimsson wrote:
> 8.0 has this weird fascist blending or morphing of Gnome and KDE to look 
> like each other (so it doesn't matter which one you are using?), but only 
> have common-denominator functionality.  And Gnome2 is so impoverished 
> compared to 1.4.  If I wanted a uniform look, and meagre customization 
> options, I'd be using some other operating system.

I'm sort of curious what others here who have used 8.0 have to say about
this; I know there is at least one other fork lurker who agrees


P.S. In general, I think Eirikur hit on most of the relevant points wrt
8.0 v. 6.2: HW support, installation, ext3, security, etc. I can't
really think of anything else offhand- I'd say media support (which has
come a looong way in Linux since 6.2) but they mostly emasculated that
for patent/DMCA reasons.