European Leaders in Support of U.S.

Thu, 30 Jan 2003 08:40:02 -0800

OTOH, I would go out of my way, further down the road, to punish both
France and Germany.

France -- oops, all your commercial ties with Iraq disappeared.  Your
pro-Saddam stance didn't please the new readers.  If you hadn't done
your best to betray us we might have tried to protect you.  But not now.

Germany -- We need to cut costs, and that means reducing what we spend
on NATO.  This will of course have negative economic implications for
your struggling economy.  Pay no attention to the fact that some of your
neighbors will be getting the money we used to spend in Germany.

> France will find a way to decline the veto, probably
> from the above.  One would hope that Bush sees
> the sense in providing something decent so even
> the French have no trouble.
> She will punish Britain, another way, another time.